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Yes, we need new chairs! And more importantly, we need your help in getting these new chairs into our new theater space as soon as possible. Your donation of $50 per chair will provide much needed and comfortable seating. With your donation, your name (or the name of a loved one) will be placed on a lobby plaque and printed in our programs.


Take part in a most unique opportunity right now by purchasing a new chair for the new Encore Theatre. Our “Take Your Seat” Campaign starts now!

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Inside Encore

July 2022

   Sometime, I wonder what life would've been like for me without theatre. For my family, I'm sure it would have meant my spending more time at home. I often felt as though I'd been stationed overseas and only got home on holiday furloughs. No, that wasn't fair to them. So, why did I continue with the habit?

   One of the students I'm teaching in an online Humanities course at WSCC this summer was having difficulty sorting through dates and names and periods. I assured him that these details (all the uninteresting facts) weren't important. What he needed to remember are the connections - the connections between people and history and plans and coincidences - between events of the past, present and future - a survey of human inter-connectivity.

   Theatre is all about connectivity and I get "pumped" when sharing "life" stories with others - that's theatre, that's human connectivity - our human communion. Theatre casts a light on the foibles and victories we generate and asks us to account for our actions.

I doubt I'll ever atone for my familial absences - and that's part of my own battle. But the stage is for everyone - and the lives presented in shows like our upcoming Bright Star come from very real places and give us hope for our reckless human-ness. And, that's at the heart of my habit.

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Dennis Elkins


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