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Five Women Wearing The Same Dress by Alan Ball (American Beauty, True Blood, and Six Feet Under) 


Auditions will be held at the Encore Theatrical Company office at  112 N. Henry St., 2 & 1/2 Floor Morristown, TN 37814, on Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8, 2020, at 2:00-3:30 and callbacks/scheduled appointments will be March 10, 6:30-8:00.


Auditions will consist of cold script reading: solo and pairing. Resume and headshots accepted. Video submissions can be sent to:

Video submission deadline: March 8, 2020 


We are seeking 5 females and 1 male ages 18-35ish. 



In this hilarious comedy, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, five very different bridesmaids find themselves hiding together in an upstairs bedroom in a Knoxville,TN, estate hoping to escape the wedding reception of a bride (Tracy Marlowe) that -- they soon realize -- none of them really like! In this cramped bedroom above the wedding reception, these five identically dressed women talk, laugh, argue, cry, console one another, and slowly become friends.

Character descriptions: 

  • Meredith Marlowe: The bride's rebellious, pot-smoking younger sister who is very sarcastic and much annoyed with the whole fiasco downstairs. Sporting an outwardly tough attitude, she has a lot of insecurity to hide. (Bridesmaid 18ish-mid 20’s)

  • Georgeanne Darby: The bride’s, “ugly sidekick" in high school and college. Accepted the invite to be a bridesmaid even though her relationship with Tracy is strained because Tracy's boyfriend had once got her pregnant. (Bridesmaid late 20’s-30’s)

  • Trisha: One of Tracy's former friends with a supposed bad reputation; a jaded beauty. (Bridesmaid late 20’s-30’s)

  • Frances: The very naive and religious cousin of the bride. (Bridesmaid 18ish-mid 20’s)

  • Mindy McClure: The groom's clumsy and outspoken lesbian sister. (Bridesmaid 20’s-30’s)

  • Tripp Davenport: An usher who falls for Trisha. The only male seen in the show. (Late 20’s-30’s)


Contact - Director, Donna Belisle