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January 8, 2021   7:00PM

Country Club Ballroom

$20 tickets at door

Cash Bar

(masks & social distancing )

Inside Encore

January 2021

Dennis Elkins

Interim Executive Director

Happy New Year!!!

As I write this, the ground is covered in a layer of white. Though I’m prone to get colder and stay colder as I age, I like living in a climate that offers a change of season. I’m convinced that one of the major reasons I enjoyed teaching theatre at the college level was no two terms were ever alike. That’s what I like about theatre—no two plays are alike.   They may

be similar, but not identical. No two performances of a play are identical. Thus, the changes of seasons remind us that life is not meant to be lived as one identical day after another. Whether we like it or not, changes occur—daily—and so we have to embrace those changes.  Every time we open the door to a new day, we’re offered another attempt at making a difference in our world.

   Yes, the performing arts has been devastated by the events (or non-events) of the past year—and it’s hard to imagine how we’ll ever return to the comfort of theatre-going as we knew it. But, that’s where theatre practitioners practice their best craft—making magic out of practically nothing. Regardless the obstacles, we promise to continue bringing you the excellence in theatre you’ve come to expect from Encore!

   With 2021 in front of us, we have the chance to greet new opportunities with a keener perspective.  From everyone in the Encore community, we wish you and yours those fresh and exciting opportunities to make the coming year better than the last, together.

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