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On-Line Only Discount Ticket Rush

Sometime between Noon and 6:00PM Eastern on Thursday, July 12, 2018 - we will offer discounted tickets for the final 3 performances (Fri, July 13 8PM; Sat, July 14 8PM & Sun, July 15 2PM) of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" at The James D. Swann Performing Arts Center at Jefferson County High School.

The discounted tickets will only be offered for a set amount of time and notification for the start of the sale and length of time will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

* Discounted tickets must be PURCHASED ON-LINE during the set time period. No phone sales or reservations will be accepted for the discounted tickets.

* Please do not attempt to use the Discounted Rush tickets in place of standing ticket reservations or previous ticket orders.

* PURCHASE LIMIT OF 10 tickets per person during the Discount Rush time period.

*Discount Rush tickets will be available for the remaining 3 performances only during the pre-set time period and while supplies last.



*Encore Theatrical Company reserves the right to cancel or end this promotion at any time.  Encore Theatrical Company is not responsible for any internet-based problems, service interruptions, slow data speeds, computer crashes, or digital based ticket server issues that may be experienced during the ticket purchasing process. 

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