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Gregg Perry

Gregg began working professionally while still in high school, playing for various theatre and opera companies in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  During college, he became on of the top studio arrangers in Chicago for clients such as McDonalds, United Airlines, Schlitz Malt Liquor ("look out for the bull..."), Sears and other clients.  He eventually moved to Nashville and within a couple years became musical director for Dolly Parton.  For many years, he toured the world with Dolly, arranged and produced her #1 record, "Nine to Five," and worked on both that film and "The Best Little Worehouse in Texas."  He eventually realized he needed an Act II in life and left the music business to go to medical school.  He received his M.D. degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and is currently director of Psychiatric Services for Cherokee Health Systems.  He has worked with Encore Theatrical Company during its entire existence and always appreciates the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff, actors and musicians that have delighted east Tennessee theatre-goers for nearly a decade. 

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