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March 3-12, 2023

Carson Newman University

Henderson Humanities Building

1640 Russell Ave

Jefferson City, TN 37760

Adapted by Anita Larson


Like a favorite stuffed animal from childhood, this delightful musical will touch your heart and remain forever in your sweet memories.  The magic begins as the toy cabinet comes to life when the lights go out in the nursery.  Timothy Lion, Train Engine, Skin Horse, Model Boat, and Velveteen Rabbit all spring to life with actors representing the “spirit” of each toy in their entertaining and touching interactions onstage.  With narration by the grandfatherly Skin Horse Spirit, you’ll laugh and cry along with the characters — especially the Rabbit Spirit, who learns about love when he gains the affection of the young boy.  Andrew and Rabbit are inseparable until the boy comes down with scarlet fever, and the doctor proclaims that the germ-ridden toy must be destroyed.  Luckily, Rabbit escapes and finds himself among the wild rabbits and the beautiful nursery magic fairy.  With a Victorian flavor, this fun and heart-warming musical creatively captures the magic of the original story about a stuffed animal made real by a child’s love.  The delightful “Alone in the Dark,” the spirited “Nursery Magic,” and the adorable wild rabbit march, “Hi, Ho, We Love to Hop,” will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as the Velveteen Rabbit himself!

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