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Acting Techniques


Character Development

This intensive 6 session workshop focuses on developing fundamental acting skills and techniques for actors of all levels for stage, film and television.  Throughout the program, participants will learn various acting techniques and methods (classical, Stanislavski, Method/Strasberg, Adler, practical aesthetics, Hagen, Brechtian, Chekov, Meisner, theatre games) as well as practical work on auditioning, body & movement, voice, cold reading, improv, scene study and character development.  The program will culminate in a showcase performance before a live audience and invited industry professionals.

The class will be conducted by Encore Theatrical Company Managing Director, Mike Howard, a 40-year veteran of stage, film and television.  Mike is a versatile actor that has appeared in over 150 live theatrical productions in the United States and the United Kingdom; he has also had a very active career appearing in several major motion pictures, countless independent projects and currently works extensively on a multitude of television programs.  Besides being an award-winning actor, Mike is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, musician, director, stuntman, producer, filmmaker, writer, speaker, radio personality, teacher and stand-up comic. The class will also feature various speakers and industry professionals.


junior class

Due to multiple requests, this year we will be offering this same course for high school and college age actors, 16 to 20 years of age.


Each session will be an intense, active, practical workshop lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours. The class will consist of actors 16 to 20 years old is limited to 12 participants only. Participants are encouraged to dress in clothing that will facilitate movement and bring water and a light snack.  Due to the intimate class size and the intensive nature of the work, we ask that you do not bring observers or guests to class.  Classes will meet every other week at 6PM on Tuesdays, beginning July 23th through October 1st at the Encore Theatrical Office at 112 N. Henry Street in Morristown; Class Showcase location, date & time - TBD.

Cost: $100 Full Course (Individual Sessions are not offered at this time.)

Due to the limited class size, this program will fill up quickly - interested students are encouraged to register early. Register now for a 40% discount - full course only $60!

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